Before You Consent To IVF


What people do not know is that there are many OTHER options other than IVF. The IVF industry is, for the most part, an unregulated industry, churning out thousands of embryos with little or no responsibility for unintended outcomes. Before you consent to IVF, seek out other options, such as NaPro Technology.

NaPro is a method to focus on what is actually creating infertility in the first place by charting a woman’s ovulation cycle. It may be possible to get pregnant naturally using NaPro’s corrective techniques and natural medications instead of going down the IVF path. You can find out more about NaPro on the web and doctors who use this technique.

If you absolutely have to use IVF or if you have already done so, please be wary that as the laws stand in most states you will have little or no chance to keep any remaining embryos for implantation, even with a written agreement, if something should happen to your relationship or marriage with your partner. It is a sad state of affairs, but it is reality.