Embryo Defense’s Mission: To educate the public and provide resources regarding the importance of saving human embryos.
Embryo Defense’s Vision: To educate everyone on the responsibilities in creating human embryos.  

Value Statement: To be a resource for all parents, advocates, lawyers and anybody interested in saving frozen embryos.  Our group transcends all political and religious lines when it comes to saving lives.  Our purpose is to educate the public on respect for the life of a human embryo.  We believe in taking responsibility as a parent and educating pro-life advocates, leaders and clergy on how to articulate a proper defense for human embryos created.


Core Values:
  1. Respect and defend the life of an embryo
  2. Take responsibility as a parent
  3. Create an open and respectful environment among people with different opinions
  4. Believe in educating the public


1. Educate the public on the legal and scientific issues surrounding the creation of an embryo and embryonic development through:
  1. Speaking at events around the world
  2. Testifying before legislatures
  3. Holding press conferences
  4. Providing training to our Embryo Defense speakers and bloggers
  5. Having a strong presence at the annual March for Life in D.C. and the March in San Francisco
  6. Having the most comprehensive website on defending embryos
  7. Producing a line of Embryo Defense pamphlets
  8. Self-publishing a book of our speakers
  9. Producing videos
  10. Participating and organizing protests with other groups when appropriate
  11. Maintaining a strong social media presence


2.  Assist those individuals who are fighting to save their embryos or the embryos of others through:

  1. Support groups
  2. Advocacy
  3. Legal and scientific resources
  4. Other resources

Co-Founders: Jalesia “Jasha” McQueen Esq. and Rebecca Kiessling Esq.



Articles and other writings on our website which espouse an opinion as to the morality or ethical issues surrounding frozen embryos are presented in the spirit of inciting thought and do not necessarily represent the views of Embryo Defense.  Embryo Defense is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  All research or case law provided is for informational purposes only.